Events and Celebrations

Meetings & event spaces

The Lady Bay Resort’s event spaces are complete with the necessary audio and visual equipment. Our contemporary function room can accommodate up to 120 guests for a formal sit-down affair or 160 cocktail styles. For smaller events we can split this space into two separate areas via moveable acoustic panelling. This also enables larger groups to divide into separate areas for breakouts. If you require a larger space we also offer exclusive use of the whole venue which allows up to 180 guests sit-down or 300 standing. Minimum spend requirements do exist for this option.

From concept to completion, our events team will ensure your function is a memorable one.


Offering delicious dishes created from the best local, regional & imported produce, including award winning wines & cheeses, Lady Bay Resort’s restaurant & function centre can create tasty dishes to suite almost any taste. We cater for all styles of dining options including set menus, canapé events, a la carte, cocktail, banquet, gourmet buffet & BBQ’s. Our Event Manager is always happy to discuss tailoring a menu to suit your individual tastes, budget and the nature of your event.

Conference facilities

• Two well-appointed function rooms

• Range of breakout areas

• In-house catering

• Data/video projectors and screens

• Complete PA system

• Lecterns

• Microphones

• Adjustable house lights

• Flipcharts (on request / at an additional charge)


• Dedicated events team

• Notepads & pens (on request / at an additional charge)

• Mints & iced water

• On-site car parking

• Free wi-fi

To discuss your upcoming event, please call 03 5562 1662 and speak with Lydia, or fill out your enquiry below.

Click HERE to download our current events & celebrations package.



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