Relax & unwind

When the nostalgia of a sea-side holiday takes over and you find yourself (of course) at the Lady Bay Resort, let the salty air wash over you, soak it all up and make some memories.

Quiet Warrnambool Walks & Pristine Beaches

Lady Bay Resort is Warrnambool's ultimate beachside resort. Located just a stone’s throw away from Warrnambool's main beach, the ocean bays, the breakwater & Thunder Point.

The beaches surrounding the area offer clean clear water and a myriad of options, from surfing to safe swimming areas for children. There are several famous surf locations in the area, such as The Flume and Japps While others such as Warrnambool's main beach Stingray Bay, Shelley Beach & Childers Cove offer stunning scenery in a secluded environment.

The Main Beach -The main beach is over 3 kilometres long, and there are three distinct sections on this beach alone. The area close to the breakwater is known as "Worm Bay" and is sheltered by the breakwater, so the waves are smaller and the beach is also a lot shallower so is ideal for families. As you get closer to the surf club, the size of the waves increases and this section is ideal for body surfing. This section of the beach is patrolled by the Warrnambool Surf Life Saving Club and needless to say is also quick a safe section to swim etc.  

Stingray Bay - The historic 1890 Breakwater has great views of the harbour and the city. At the mouth of the Merri River, Stingray Bay, is a beautiful sheltered cove where you can explore crystal-clear rock pools.

Middle Island Maremma Project - The Middle Island is located just outside Lady Bay Resort’s front door. The Maremma Project is a unique environmental program that uses a special breed of Maremma dogs to protect birds and penguins from fox and dog predation. The Maremma breed has been used in Italy for centuries to protect domestic animals, but wild birds were a new challenge. 

From August to February, Middle Island is home to breeding colonies of Little Penguins and Short-tailed Shearwaters. By 2005 the once thriving penguin colony had been reduced to 10 breeding pairs. In 2006 the Maremmas were introduced, and since then the number of birds and penguins has rebounded. Middle Island is surrounded by rockpools & beautiful scenery.

Shelly Beach - A rugged ocean beach, accessed via a walking track from Thunder Point.

Levy’s Point Coastal Reserve - Levy’s Point is a beautiful and often deserted surf beach, located to the west of the City. Excellent surfing and fishing, dangerous rips do exist. Access is via dunes.

The Flume - At the other end, towards Hopkins Point, the current gets a bit rougher & waves get a bit bigger. This is section of the beach is known as The Flume. The Flume is favoured by surfers for its larger, more consistent waves.