Meet the Maremma Dogs Tours

In the early 1999 there was an active Little Penguin colony on Middle Island Warrnambool however as a result of fox attacks and human interference over a number of years the recorded population decreased from 700 to less than 10 penguins with no breeding pairs found in the 2006 counts.  

Things had to change and a local farmer came up with the idea of using Maremma guardian dogs to protect the bird colonies on Middle Island.

Since the introduction of Maremmas to the island there have been no recorded fox attacks and numbers are slowly recovering, and most importantly, breeding birds have returned. 

Join a tour to "Meet the Maremma" and learn about the ongoing work to protect Warrnambool’s Little Penguin colony. Summer tours are available to Middle Island and to “Meet the Maremmas”, the tour duration is 60 minutes.

The move “Oddball” that is based on the true story of eccentric Warrnambool chicken farmer Swampy Marsh, whose dogs saved a colony of penguins off the Victorian coast, will be released in Australia in September 2015 and internationally in 2016.

View the movie trailer below:

Groups and Schools

Groups and School programs can be customised for your special needs. These run year round and allow you to meet the dogs as well as a formal school education program.

Group tours can be arranged for Bookings - Please enquire by calling 03 5559 4600.

Please note-The tour does require you to get wet as you walk to the island. Whilst some days the tide is very low and allows easier access you should expect to potentially get wet to waist deep, as well as going over rough and uneven ground.

Tour operate at low tides however are subject to the tour guide being satisfied of the safety of the group. We hope you understand if we cancel the tour at short or no notice if safety is of concern.

Middle Island Maremma Project Tour Prices Tours are $12 per Adult - $10 per Child or Concession