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Welcome to Wonderful Warrnambool!

Warrnambool has a dramatic location on a plateau behind a steep bluff, defined by rivers to the east and west, overlooking sheltered Lady Bay. There are interesting historical buildings and attractive streetscapes, but perhaps the biggest surprise is the range of superb beaches right at the city's front door.

Flagstaff Hill Maritime Village, a fascinating recreation of an 1870s coastal port with an entire recreated town, tumbles down the bluff. Part of the complex is at the top, along with a historic lighthouse and fort, and steep cobbled streets descend to a lake complete with heritage boats and harbour buildings.

The Merri River comes around the city from the west, and part of the old wetlands below the bluffs have been transformed into the 20 ha Lake Pertobe Adventure Playground.

The Hopkins River estuary is on the eastern side of the city. It's a large and beautiful estuary with an important role in the lifecycle of short-finned eels (once a staple for a large Aboriginal population). There are some elaborate historic boatsheds, now converted into a restaurant complex. To the east of the Hopkins lies Logan’s Beach and a specially constructed platform designed to overlook a whale nursery (between June-September) that is used every year by female Southern Right Whales and their calves.

Warrnambool has a vibrant shopping precinct with some particularly good clothes shops, perhaps a legacy of the city's s connection to Fletcher Jones and high-quality clothing.

There is a good selection of interesting restaurants and cafes, particularly at the south end of Liebig St. The arts precinct, including an excellent regional gallery, is also at the south end of Liebig St.

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